We aim to improve medical care and welfare in each country through human resource exchange between Japan and rest of Asia, and we are doing business to contribute to that.

Our purpose

Japan-Asia Medical Welfare Cooperative
Aging society has been a big problem for a long time in Japan. Aging population
in Japan has been increasing much quicker in the world. And we all know that the
problem affects many fields, such as care and support for elder people, medical bill
and pension, homes and life environment and employ problem.
In this situation, we have established our cooperative in order to solve this problem
with offering stable care service through getting the newest information about medical and welfare, researching problems and cooperation with communities.

About us

NameJapan-Asia Medical Welfare Cooperative
Board membersBoard chairman: Chuma Koki
Board member: Itamiya Goro (board chairman of Ikeda-Satukikai Social Welfare Corporation)
Board member: Oasa Ryota (president and CEO of Japan Longlife Co., Ltd)
Board member: Kinoshita Shinichi (board chairman of Ryuseikai Medical Corporation)
Board member: Koyama Yasuo (board chairman of Aino-fukushikai Social Welfare Corporation)
Board member: Fukuda Mitsumasa (vice chairman of Shoufukukai Social Welfare Corporation)
Board member: Yasuda Nobuhito (board chairman of Nihonkoinonia-fukushikai Social Welfare Corporation)
Board member: Yamada Yuji
Auditor: Gunji Tatsuhiro(CEO of Longlife Medical Co., Ltd. )
Our work1 group purchasing for consumption articles of our union members
2 support to accept Technical Intern Trainees and assist with job placement of them for our union members
3 improving management and technique of our union member’s business and giving information of our business in order to expend knowledge of it
4 business related to labor union member welfare
※5 Supervising organization for Technical Intern Training Program (licence number 1808000404)